Saturday, October 02, 2010

Trevor and Val’s beach house (Mike’s B-day gift)

What an awesome birthday I had!  I told Kim that I wanted to spend the night away somewhere for my birthday.  Kim secretly asked our dear friends Trevor and Val, who had offered to let us stay at their beach house a while back, if it would be available.  It was and what a wonderful time we had!  Look at this charming beach house – and it was so nice on the inside, too.  My favorite part was the remote controlled fire place.  This is about 1.5 hours north of Auckland near Whangarei.    DSC_1087 (Large) Here’s the view from the deck.DSC_1079 (Large)At low tide the girls and I went looking for sea monsters.DSC_1121 (Large) With some ambivalence, I report that we didn’t find any.DSC_1140 (Large) We stayed for ~ 3 days which gave us some nice opportunities to explore the area.  We found what is probably my 4th favorite beach, Ocean Beach (Karikari, Matapouri, and Omaha would be my top 3 – no, wait.  Ocean beach is no. 3 and Omaha is no. 4).DSC_1182 (Large) Kim and the kids are circled in this pic.DSC_1213 (Large)It doesn’t look like there was anyone else on the beach because there wasn’t.DSC_1272 (Large) Did this beach have a blue lagoon?  Of course.DSC_1229 (Large)Here’s daddy showing the girls how to…I’m not sure what I was doing.  DSC_1282 (Large)
DSC_1203 (Large) Of all the fun we had on the trip, I think this might have been my favorite part.DSC_1103 (Large)

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