Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last evening with Linda and the kids

We farewelled (a legitimate expression here) Linda and Jordan and Aaron a couple weeks ago but we're just now getting to document some of their awesome visit on the blawg.

On their last evening here, we took Linda, Jordan and Aaron to our favorite spot in Auckland - Sitar!

This was a lovely evening - you can see our chef, Sangeev, in the kitchen behind us. He did well this evening.

There was a bit of a ruckus when the chicken Tikka came out. We had to intervene between Aaron and Chloe who immediately began fighting over it (Chloe's accusatory finger can be seen in the foreground).

Then, the dish I was waiting for, the Beef Sitar came out - I had asked Sangeev to save it for last in hopes that the others might already be full and I could eat it all myself.

In spite of my greed and the fight between Aaron and Chloe this was a really great evening and a very fitting end to the wonderful visit with Linda and Jordan and Aaron.