Monday, July 24, 2006

We Made It!

At the end of the day, we felt accomplished and it had been a beautiful hike. We had a great time with Peter, Shelly, & Paul (all Kiwi's) talking about the biggest cultural differences we've noticed in New Zealand, sharing stories about our friends in "The Industry," and hearing of their overseas adventures. Posted by Picasa

The Pinnacles

This was our highest point and those are the Pinnacles behind us. Posted by Picasa

Swinging Bridges

I thought these swinging bridges were cool. This is Shelly, Mike's labmates girlfriend. She was telling me about how they remind her of Thailand. She's also visited Chang Mai. Posted by Picasa


Hit another hike this weekend. Remember how I said it was so great that there were all these easy trails with big rewards, well, lets just say this one wasn't so easy. This is the hike I will tell my child they got to go on when they were 6 months in the womb! On our way over, we could see these peaks from the road and we were talking about what they're called: The Pinnacles. Although we didn't go to the tip top, we hiked for a good 2-3 hours and got to the warming hut. It was a beautiful day and we had an amazing time! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Humble Abode

Some of you have been wanting to have a visual picture of where we're living, so here are a few shots to give you an idea. When we lived in LA, we thought our apartment was small, but we had no idea what small was! However, I do find our place to be quite efficient...I even have a washer/dryer & a dishwasher! Don't worry, we've got a plan for where we're going to put the baby! And, remember, moms & dads, you had a great time in the early years of marriage living in trailers, small apartments, & not even having enough money to buy a coke! These are the times we'll talk about with our kids, too! Posted by Picasa

Son of a Roommate of a Cousin...

When moving to another country, any connection is a bonding connection. We met Matt through my cousin, Wes. I only just met Wes about 6 months ago through my cousin, Steve. And, I only met Steve about 2 years ago when a few of our other cousins told us we were both living in LA. Wes was renting a room from Matt's mom in Santa Monica and Matt had just moved to Auckland a few months before we did. Long story, I know. But, its been great to have a buddy here and we often all relate on topics of adapting to a new culture, while reminiscing about the not-so-typical culture itself, in LA. Posted by Picasa

KiteKite Waterfall Hike

On Saturday, Mike & I headed out to the Waitakere's for another hike. We took our fellow Los Angelean, Matt, with us and the visitor's center pointed us to another great hike over near the beach at Piha. I've never been on so many easy hikes with such great rewards! After only hiking for 30 minutes or so, we got to this great waterfall called KiteKite. The benefits of hiking here this time of year are having the trail to yourself and plenty of rainfall to stoke this waterfall up! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Dam, The Moon, The Palms, The Hoodie

We considered how many people it would have taken to construct such a dam, which was apparently completed in 1927. And, how did they do it? No bull dozers, no power tractors...
Then Mike made me swear I'd put this shot of me in my little green hoodie on our blog since I was planning to put the one of him on with the fern frond. But, he did say he thought I was lovely. And, I knew he meant it. Posted by Picasa

The Pony Waterfall

On the way to the hike Mike teased that if I was good there would be a waterfall and behind it there would be a treasure and a pony (he knows my utter every-girl love for horses!). The beauty of the spot was certainly a treasure, but I didn't really want to get wet to see if there was a pony back there...we'll just assume there was! Posted by Picasa

My Scientist's Excitement!

This is the part where Mike started to get so preciously boyish, running here and there, snapping photos, pointing out things and telling me their scientific names, considering how God will even have colors we've never seen in heaven. I loved it! I love getting to see him thrilled. Posted by Picasa

Snugged in Beside the Slick Glass Lake

Though it was chilly out on the deck of the visitor's center, tall trees blocked the wind once we were on the trail and made for a very temporate walk. Posted by Picasa

Waitakere National Park

It was a morning of many metaphors and just as many similies as we tried to describe the wonders God placed before us as we "tramped" around Waitakere park. Palm Tree martini glasses, ivy so tightly woven it sprang back at us like bedding, slick glass lake created by the dam beyond it which would make a perfect ski cove. One of those hikes that makes you think, if this is here on earth, imagine what God has hidden up his sleeve for His eternal masterpiece! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Picture Pile of the Past Year

From Thailand to today, since I'd just mentioned several memories from the past year, thought I would throw in a few photos to memorialize them! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lamb Skin Blanket

Had to do a glam shot in the gift store before we left the skytower. The Kiwi's have definitely made everything you can imagine from anything to do with all the sheep that live here! Posted by Picasa

View from Skytower Anniversary July 2006

Although our anniversary is on July 4th, we celebrated this past weekend so we could go to the skytower on Saturday night. We had a great time hanging out in the observation tower, getting oriented to our new city before a wonderful dinner of "Eye fillet" (kiwi pronounced "fill-et," in other words fillet mignon, and roasted lamb loin. I wore the perfume from our dating days, Weekend at Burberry, and the Dr. Pepper lip gloss Julie gave me for our honeymoon! Posted by Picasa

Mike & Kim's 2nd Anniversary at the Skytower!

Last year we celebrated our anniversary in Thailand, this year Auckland. I wonder what land we'll celebrate in next year? We spent the evening recounting the past year and just praising God for all the blessings and fun memories: Mike's graduation from USC, learning how to do the Hustle in dance lessons, Thanksgiving AND Christmas with our families, Mammoth ski trip with Chris & Julie, Melissa & Fredo (we both loved hot tub night and Mike loved he and Chris's crazy top of the mountain adventure!). We also recall the excitement of finding out we were pregnant, my 30th beach birthday celebration, flying home for Steve & Melody's beautiful backyard wedding, and our crazy roadtrip home getting to hang with family and friends before coming out here! Posted by Picasa

Almost 6 months Pregnant!

Here's a little more preggie belly for the family! Posted by Picasa