Saturday, September 23, 2006

37 Week Ultrasound: Mom's Belly/Baby's Femur

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Waxing Preggie Poetic: 37 weeks

Just a few lines of poetry to go along with this 37 week belly. Baby's been misbehavin' a little bit, but everything's gonna be fine.

Doc says induction if baby's fluid is leaking.
Ultrasound looks good for growth and heart rate's fine.
How 'bout mine, when you say those words, "the concern is..."
Do you consider my heart rate?
I am the vessel carrying this baby afterall
and stress hormones are dangerous!
Then Jesus says this baby's His, really.
And, I can choose to stress or hand her over now.
For, with children, the stressing never ends, if that's the road we choose, I imagine.
And, though it seems worse now because we have no control, the truth is,
we won't be in control
when they're infants,
in their youth,
through their teenage trials,
or through their adult struggles and celebrations.
We are always just their vessel and their guide
toward the light of Jesus.
And, He gets to decide, not I,
their path and how they'll be used best
as vessels for the next generation.
So, here he is, Lord, he's yours
and I'm Abraham in this hour,
letting go of the stress
that goes along with the control
that I don't really have anyway,
nor, in light of Your view,
would I want to. Posted by Picasa