Friday, November 24, 2006

Our Dolphin

Often Mike & I refer to Chloe as our little dolphin these days since she makes this little "Eh, eh, eh" sound. Mike just emailed me the above link, which is the perfect correlation to our little dolphin. This would have been her when we were calling her "The Tadpole" in the womb!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Couple That Color Coordinates Together....

Just thought this couple was too cute! While we were strolling through the roses, this row of women ran up to us...."Oh, how old is this one?" and just generally fussed over her. They then told us they were all Obstetricians from India, travelling for a conference in Asia. So, I can now tell our Moms that yes, Chloe has seen the doctor! She's seen several, actually!!! And, they concluded that she was "Just Gorgeous!"
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Parnell Rose Festival

Mike and I had a beautiful walk over to the Parnell Rose Festival. We talked about what it means to make Kingdom investments. Chloe enjoyed the roses and we enjoyed the corndogs!

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An Assortment

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Guy Fawke's Day

Mike shot these from our balcony. Various groups of people spent the weekend shooting of store bought fireworks from the little park in front of our apartment. Pretty flash for store bought, isn't it! They're considering cancelling Guy Fawke's next year because in previous years they've had so many injuries. Think about it: government pays for healthcare and can control the import & selling of fireworks. Interesting. A lot of New Zealander's are for cancelling it. They don't want people in the ER wasting their money.

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Momma's Favorite Moments

I definitely fell in love with Chloe during some of those early morning feeds, when she would look up at me. Can't say that these capture it perfectly, but she's pretty easy to fall in love with, eh?

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The Aforementioned Favorite Outfit!

Her froggy towel & my attempts at recreating the professional photos she had made the other day. At $400 a pop, I figure I might as well give it a go myself!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bay of Islands Bath

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Bay of Islands

At the end of the below roadtrip was the beautiful Bay of Islands. Chloe enjoyed a relaxing day in the hotel room! We were "shattered" as the Kiwi's in exhausted...and really ejoyed just watching movies and resting. Chloe found the spa bath to be amazing (and so did her mother!). Her Mimi C said she also really liked the waterfall in the stairway of the hotel. Mike and I got to slip off for a walk at the end of the day thanks to our built in baby sitters! It was pretty much our first alone time and we had a good time reflecting.

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Chloe's First Road Trip!

We only had to stop twice to feed her, stretching a 4 hour trip to six, but it was worth it. What a beautiful drive on the northern motorway! We had intense discussions about respect and are learning about our new roles as parents, children, grandparents, friends.

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Family Portrait

I cannot begin to describe how amazing it is to have Chloe in our family. She is just the most precious thing! I'm definitely in love with her!!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sailing in Hauraki Gulf

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Another First

While most month old babies are busy doing firsts like, "First coo or first smile," this Kiwi baby, in keeping with her birth-country's spirit, was adventuring. Chloe took her first sail boat ride in the Auckland Harbor. She even got to drive (smile)! It was a perfect day. Just perfect.

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