Friday, November 23, 2007

Moving Day

Chloe really enjoyed having all the packing boxes around as we got ready to move.
She was very helpful, cheering us on, and even packing herself I suppose to be sure
she didn't get lost in the move (smile)!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Duck Day at the Domain

Ducklings everywhere! Chloe had the pleasure of feeding them, though she would not feed them the bread. She kept that for herself and tried to give them large tree seeds that had fallen to the ground. They lined up for it anyhow.

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Beach Buddy & those Favored Balloons

We recently caught up with Chloe's first friend, Zane. He's just turned one year old as well. It was a gorgeous day for a beach picnic and since Krystal & Justice were in town they invited us out.
Here Chloe demonstrates her multitasking: sing, dance, play the piano, hold the balloon.
She went around for several days after her birthday party with at least one balloon in her
hand and sometimes one in her mouth as well. She was never startled by them if they popped.
She's pretty tough.
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Chloe's 1st Birthday: Skype Party

Chloe had a wonderful birthday. She especially loved the cake. I made it a baby-friendly banana cake since she absolutely loves bananas! She calls them "Bamamas." It was covered with balloons her other favorite thing right now! The icing, however, was not baby-friendly (smile), but very delicious! We skyped with all of her grandparents, opening their pressies as they watched on, and caught up with her aunts and uncles, too! She received some adorable outfits and some toys that she loves! She may have had the most fun just opening them! Many more pics to view by clicking our albums link on the right of the screen. A big thank you to everyone who sent presents and made time to skype and celebrate her first year with us! We love you!

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