Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Has anyone lost their slug?

Chloe found it (and a lost pill bug, too).DSC_9714 We’ve told the girls, and Christian, but we’ll mention it to him again, that the only animals we don’t like are roaches and flies.  Fear of dangerous animals is the best way of getting yourself attacked by one.  That’s mine and Marlin Perkins’ motto.  Here’s another angle on the slug (and pill bug) for possible identification purposes.DSC_9718 The slug has been on a trip down our drain, but it just drains to the backyard so we can easily retrieve him or her.  I think Chloe learned a valuable lesson about the tenacious slime a slug leaves behind.  This will probably come in handy during adolescent encounters between her and her brother.  Or she and her brother.  It’s always the pronoun that sounds most preposterous.DSC_9725

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Polka


I wasn’t involved in the dressing of Miss Chloe, but I’m sure it was intentional that she be entirely covered in polka dots.DSC_9614 She successfully navigates the obstacle course, I mean, our yard.DSC_9618 She’s had this umbrella for many seasons, compliments of Granny L.  Don’t tell Granny L (or Chloe) but it’s actually the only umbrella we own and sometimes Mum and Dad have to borrow it.DSC_9622 If anyone could pull off this wardrobe stunt, it is the beautiful and wonderful Chloe.DSC_9624

Saturday, June 26, 2010

…on a bicycle made for…

…Chloe.  A woman from Kim’s church group for mums was going to ‘throw this bike in the skip’ (which means throw it away) and Kim snatched it up.  DSC_9630 Chloe looks like a professional on her flash new bike. DSC_9637 Kim could barely keep up with her.DSC_9636The basket is properly attached now.