Saturday, July 12, 2008

Little Daytrip

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The map above shows some landmarks from a little daytrip we took last month to the north head of Manukau Harbour. Below is a pic of the mouth of the Harbour looking out to the Tasman Sea (towards Oz, aka, Australia). We had really beautiful weather for this time of year.

We stopped along one of the beaches on the way to the mouth of the harbour. We didn't find out the story behind the monument on the hill in the background.

As Chloe moved closer to the water, I explicitly instructed her not to get wet.

I then strongly suggested that she not put sand on her head.
I then proceeded to advise her against laying down on the sand.
Here's our little family pic at an outlook at Huia - a teeny tiny village.
Look at how glassy the harbour was. This is a view looking back at Auckland - you can actually see the monument on One Tree Hill if you zoom in on the original image (this one's too small).

We had a lot of fun just hanging out together and exploring - this was during part of my parental leave. Claire was a trooper for the whole trip until the very end - when she got mad.