Thursday, February 22, 2007

Naked Time

so comfortable in her own skin
most comfortable in her own skin
clothes too confining for the life
Christ intends for her
she often looks straight into the camera lens
obviously analyzing
the purpose of the object between she and her mommy
never knew how much time she'd spend on the floor
safest place, i suppose
also best place to build muscles in prone
she's strong
she's smart
she's beautiful
and, most comfortable in her own skin
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Baby Grand for a Grandbaby

Chloe strikes her first keys on her brand new baby grand.
A gift from her Granddaddy!

Chloe Elise Finds Her Feet

It happened this twenty-first day of February while lying on her change table, Chloe Elise found her feet. She'd had a long day at coffee group, shopping, and running errands when she discovered them relaxing on the table, legs in the air. I suspect she must have thought, "What's this I see, wiggling, looking sort of like fingers, but shorter and harder to reach?" I wonder how long it will be until they make it to her mouth. We'll see.
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dad's Visit

For a week in February, probably the busiest time of Dad's practice, he came to New Zealand to see his grandbaby (and maybe his baby, too)! He just couldn't wait for things to slow down at home in the States to come down under and see her! We had an amazing visit filled with a leisurely coffee morning and conversation, a quick trip up the Coramandel Peninsula, a bit of shopping, the zoo, a Malaysian dinner, a steak pie or two, and as many cuddles with Chloe as we could fit in.

Cathedral Cove: Wow!
Atop the pathway to Cathedral Cove

At Greg & Lynda's Bach
(as in Bachelor Pad, as the Kiwi's affectionately call their vacation homes)

I found it so fascinating that as keen as our moms were to buy Chloe clothes, Dad was to buy her toys! We perused the aisles looking at all the gadgets and speculating on how they would benefit her development and just how generally entertaining everything would be! We had a wonderful time at the Auckland City Zoo. I was so excited that the giraffes were at the beginning of the zoo as I recalled the zoo of my youth where the giraffes were often just this far off myth that I believed in based on the one time that we must have gotten there before they disappeared into their tall thin barns at the end of the day! I also ruminated on the time Dad and I got sprayed by the Hippopotamus at that Oklahoma City Zoo when I was just a little older than Chloe is now! Dad noticed that Chloe tracked the sea lions as they swam through the water, we got to see the Kiwi bird for the first time, and I found a new favorite: the marmasets!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

We took a trip to Coramandel to stay at Greg & Lynda's Bach. Chloe enjoyed falling asleep on the windy roads. James, on the other hand, suffered other effects from the twists and turns! It was, however, an amazing trip!
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Dad enjoyed teaching Chloe how to put her pacifier back in her mouth, how to play with gadgets, and how to go in for an offensive rebound!
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Chloe goes to Piha

We all slathered on the sunscreen, created handmade sunshades, and sped down the motorway to Piha after church last Sunday! James accompanied us and we ran into Mirko, Pablo, & Sergio while we were there! The boys raced off into the ocean to see if they could flail their way into an episode of "Piha Rescue," which was being filmed that day, while Chloe and I browsed beachside. A really enjoyable afternoon. I love, love, love this weather!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beach Day Mission Bay

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Chloe's First Ocean Swim!

Chloe's first trip to the ocean occured one thursday two weeks ago. Providing an adventure for her might be the only thing that would get me to set foot in the less than luke-warm waters of the Pacific. I would say, though, that the water was warmer than the water in California! Yeah! And, Chloe loved it, too! She's definitely a water baby....maybe she'll be a surfer like her Daddy!

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Tummy Time

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