Monday, September 15, 2008

Aye aye aye

Mexican food - notoriously good and cheap. Oh? Perhaps in el Estados Unidos, pero not in Neuvo Zealand. Here it's exotic fare. Many of you will gasp at the prices on this menu so prepare yourselves.
 I do apologize for the big flash on the menu, but I still think it's possible to see that a beef burrito is $21.50.  Two beef tacos will set you back $20.50 (but that does include rice and beans).  And I must say it's a far cry from the nice Mexican we enjoyed in LA at El Chollo or, my favorite, the texmex at Alamo Cafe in San Antonio (followed closely by Uncle Julio's in Dallas and Chueys in Austin).  I tried to talk my bro, Steve, into moving to NZ and opening a Texmex resaurant here in Auckland - but he said 'no, gracias'.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some photos from August

Just a little catch-up from some of last months action. The big event was our visit from L, Jordan and Aaron. I'm trying something new by embedding a slideshow here - I think it would be cool if you didn't have to scroll down to see all the pics, but could just view them all in one place. We'll see how it works...

Well, it kinda stinks b/c you can't control the speed of the slideshow. Stink.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

what is it?

ok, don't look too far down and try to guess what this is...

hmmmm...could be...

And, here is the object performing its duty. This is a hot water bottle. You pour hot water in it and then put it under your covers to heat up the bed. Isn't that crazy? It's wacko because it assumes that your bedroom must be frickin freezing. The craziest part is that your bedroom and entire house is frickin freezing. It's winter in NZ, of course your house is freezing.