Thursday, March 19, 2009

Starlight Symphony

Auckland puts on so many great events during the summer.  Every weekend there is free music in a park somewhere - at the very least.  This weekend was 'Starlight Symphony' in the Park.  It was sublime.  There were spotty showers throughout the day, which may have kept a lot of people away and explain our sweetas (awesome) parking situation, but it turned out to be a perfect evening.  We went with our family, Josh, Amy and Ryan, and Sean and Jess.  Awesome dudes.  The babies were perfect, even though it was past their bed time.
We took our little blanket and some food.
Brook Frasier is a Kiwi gospel singer who is making it big in pop music - she sounds a lot like Sara McLaughlin - I was really impressed by her performance.
There was a totally cool fireworks/laser light show at the end accompanied by the 1812 Overture.DSC_1505
I keep playing that Bryan Adams song in my head...'the best days of my life...'...back in the summer of '09.