Friday, May 28, 2010

Uno y Tres

Speaking of cuddling with Christian…DSC_9213 These babies love each other.DSC_9209 And they know how to have fun.DSC_9210

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This dinosaur is gonna…

…Git You!!!!  Rahhhr.  Red Claw gave me a nasty nip.  Cheeky Red Claw.DSC_9514 Claire cannot get enough cuddles with Christian.DSC_8862 Look how quickly Christian has outgrown his crib!DSC_8866 Are more cuddles in order?DSC_8874 Looking out over Hauraki Gulf from Mission Bay.DSC_8877 Notice in the pic below the distinctive mount to the right, which is Rangitoto.  In the last post I had a shot of downtown Auckland with Rangitoto as a backdrop from an approximately 90 degree angle to this shot.  See what I mean about the symmetry?  The girls were more interested in the seagulls!DSC_8880 Another beautiful day in paradise – as close as you can get here on earth.  And this is nothing compared to what real paradise will be!  We can’t even begin to comprehend how glorious it will be when Christ reigns in fullness…DSC_8881

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lower Nihoputu Dam Trek

This is one of our favourite treks – it’s taken me almost four years to finally get the name right.  It’s only a 20-30 minute drive but it feels remote and secluded and it has a nice track that allows us to take the pram with no problems.DSC_8890 Claire likes trail running with her sunnies on.DSC_8903 And this is one of the lovely views of the river.DSC_8906Christian enjoys a sleep in the pram.DSC_8911 This is our waterfall.  We take a family photo here…maybe once a year.  We forgot the tripod this time, so just imagine me there.  Here are our previous photos and here.DSC_8924 We spied New Zealand’s most dangerous animal, a walking stick (although, it is hotly debated that the hedgehog might be the most dangerous animal here).DSC_8932 Mr. Stick.DSC_8937 Kim and I have gotten used to the paparazzi and excited fans that Chloe and Claire attract.  In this case we stopped at a nearby info. center on our way home from the tramp for an iced cream and were immediately recognized.DSC_8957
DSC_8955 And here’s a really nice view of Auckland with Rangitoto (volcano) in the background from the info. center.  Rangitoto is cool because it’s quite nearly completely symmetrical.DSC_8942

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pretty Ponies, Purple Pancakes…

This blog post is sponsored by the letter ‘P’.DSC_8545

DSC_8560  The pancakes, as promised in the title…but not purple.  More like a pancake rainbow.  DSC_8599

DSC_8594 The girls were excited!DSC_8588