Monday, June 18, 2007

Granddad & Granny L

Chloe was so happy to get to see her Granddaddy again and to meet her Granny L! She especially enjoyed swimming in the pool at their house! Check out the link to our Photo Albums on the right to see more pics of their visit!
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Four Generations

Mildred Irene Reedy, Wanda Lavern Cook, Kimberly Kristen Grammer, Chloe Elise Grammer

Joyce, Vivian, Kimberly, & Chloe Grammer
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Chloe had an awesome visit with her GiGi, too! They caught a lizard, played in the ocean and the sand, went shopping, and giggled a lot together. Chloe loves her GiGi!
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Chloe-n-MiMi C

Chloe had a wonderful visit with her MiMi C! She learned how to climb the steps, play the piano, to stop and smell the roses, and how to get kissed every 5 seconds! She loved every minute of it! And, I loved it when her MiMi C couldn't wait to see Chloe for the day, so the second Chloe woke up, she was swooped up and having her bananna breakfast, while I got another hour or so of shuteye! Yeah!
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Friday, June 15, 2007


Everywhere we went Chloe was greeted with a big welcome and lots of parties! Mom's sorority threw a "Sip-n-See," Dad-n-Linda had a BBQ, Vivian threw a poolside family bash, and Steve-n-Melody had a Country Club do. I think Chloe had a ball with all of the attention and loved the swimming. Her Uncle Aaron did this artistic version of her name on the table at the Macaroni Grill and Auntie Jordan did the countdown!

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Monday, June 11, 2007


Chloe's first overseas trip landed her in the bright lights of Hollywood, surrounded by palm trees and great friends who were as excited to see her as we were to see them. I couldn't have imagined the LA stop to have worked out any better! Ryan Mallari happened to be celebrating his birthday that weekend, which meant a big party and all of our friends! We got to do a girls brunch with my usual crew: Darla, Angela, Elizabeth, Megan, & Jen at a fantastic little French place where Elizabeth knew the owner. Steve and Christina came up to Pasadena, Walid happened to be in town, Christi and David put us up for the whole weekend, Dolores did airport pickup, arranged all of our baby gear, hosted us for the day, and organized for our small group to come over for dinner! I even got to visit the Fort! Chloe was an absolute dream, letting me sleep in until 9am all weekend! It was a totally blessed trip and I'm so grateful for the awesome friends we have in LA.
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Tahiti Sunsets

In photography, this is called magic hour. The time the sun starts to set and turns every amateur photographer into a pro. The things I loved about Tahiti included wearing tank tops in the evening, water plenty warm for swimming, the magic hour photo opps, and the sushi. I also had an amazing time introducing Chloe to the joys of playing the sand, splashing around in the lagoons, and swimming in the Le Meridien fully sand-bottomed pool. Because Viv and Tania came, Mike and I got to go snorkelling together out in the lagoon! Beautiful, Beautiful.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chloe Travels the World

We just returned from a trip to the other side of the world for a Baby Parade. We flew 5 hours from Auckland to Tahiti, where Chloe befriended several flight attendants, all utilizing culture-specific methods of getting her attention. After 2 hours in the Papeete Airport, we hopped onto an 8 hour flight to LA. As Chloe and I prepared to disembark, I realized everyone was staring at us. A woman said, "We're all in awe of your baby because this is the first time we've known she was on the flight." She was an awesome travel buddy. People described her as precious, adorable, and charming. Mike's prayers and Chloe's smiles made the flights feel like first class as we were ushered through to the front of lines, assisted with our luggage, and given special meals and drinks on board.
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Holiday in Tahiti

We had a great time in Tahiti. Mom and Tanya helped out with Chloe so much. Kim and I were able to have a dramatically different vacation with 'the moms' there than if we'd been responsible for baby Chloe the whole time. We all (me, Kim, Chloe, Mom and Tanya) had a great time. If you go to Tahiti, you may enjoy it just as much if you stay on Tahiti, rather than visit some of the more secluded islands. Just make sure whatever you do that you stay on a beach - there's surprisingly little beach on Moorea, for example. We didn't find that it was as totally expensive as we'd been warned. I enjoyed Pape'ete, myself, with it's markets, roulettes and discos.

Zoom in on Tahiti here. I was able to pinpoint the location of the hotels we stayed at on Tahiti (not Moorea) and I think I correctly labeled the market, too. Sweet. Here's the photo album