Monday, November 30, 2009


I've been thinking so much about Claire lately and how I haven't gotten to document so many of the cute little things she's doing or saying lately. So, here's my chance.

"L-M-N....T!" she sings to the tune of the alphabet and then says, "Chloe's turn." This is the way we know when its someone else's turn.....sing the alphabet through, then switch. She is still quite amicable with this game.

"Pouch, pouch." when she wants to get tucked into our robes like a kangaroo. Chloe then often acts out the older joey version by hopping around the kitchen.

"Self. Self." she's proclaiming at 21 months for everything from putting on her gumboots, which she can do herself, to buckling her seatbelt (she can help), getting into her carseat (she can do, but pretty much won't!), to brushing her teeth. She does happily let me have a turn brushing them when presented with the opportunity for an extra squirt of toothpaste!

"Treat, treat." Though Chloe didn't even start getting treat rewards until she was a little older than Claire is now, Claire is well versed in the world of little treats. She knows a trip to get a haircut means a "Lollipop," that popping into the mall could mean, "ice....queeem!" or that getting into her carseat cooperatively could mean she'll receive a "lolly, lolly" (nz version of candy).

She asks me to sing, "baby, baby," which either means she wants "baby on the bus goes whah, whah, whah" or "you spin me right round baby, right round like a (puppy) baby, right round, round round" (which we sing at roundabouts). She loves singing "whole world in His hands," especially at nappy changes and her favorite answers right now to who is in His hands are, "Qwistal" (krystal), "Ollie" (Olive, Krystal's daughter),"GiGi," & "MiMi."

Claire is in such an affectionate stage, happily willing to give out hugs to apologize to Chloe or when sissy's, "sad. check her." She'll ask for "knee kiss" and sometimes just throws her arms around me at bedtime. She LOVES babies and when we see one she wants to "pet it."

Right now, she and I get to have long chats on our way to pick Chloe up from kindy or after we've dropped her off, when she usually wants to talk about what Chloe was doing when we left: "Sissy, water." I say, "Oh, was sissy playing in the water?" "Yep. Bah-bye." I say, "when we said bye bye?" "Yep. Later gater."

She follows her sister's lead on a lot of things and now wants to try to jump off of everything. She can climb most of the jungle gyms we go to and fearlessly goes down any slide. As Chloe did around this age, she faces the geese hissing at her at the duck pond and pursues them(whilst I stand back and cower!) and Chloe turns to me and says, "I'm afraid those geese are gonna bite me." (I try to say something encouraging to the contrary about how they're just telling us to stay away from their babies, but think the same thing!).

Must go as I'm about to run to pick Chloe up, but hope I've remembered most of the stuff I was afraid of forgetting. I just love and adore our girls and am so happy God's letting me be Claire's momma!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Joey - a baby kangaroo

Who has their momma's smile?
DSC_5270 (Medium)
DSC_5290 (Medium)
DSC_5284 (Medium)
Does daddy get to carry the joey in his pouch?
DSC_5298 (Large)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Who's Birthday month was it?

Well...there's three candles on the stack of french toast...however, notice the M&Ms which could suggest one particular family member...

DSC_4506-1 (Medium)

Oh, it was Chloe's birthday month!  The french toast celebration was on her actual birthday.


Here she is opening one of her many boxes from the US.

DSC_4517 (Medium)

She's pretty excited about this sesame street farm animal book...

DSC_4520 (Medium)

More?  We're just scratching the surface.

DSC_4529 (Medium)

There was so much stuff for Chloe to open that Claire volunteered to give her a present opening break.

DSC_4539 (Medium)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Now is it Spring?

Does this look more like it?

DSC_4291 (Medium) (2)

DSC_4294 (Medium)

DSC_4284 (Medium)

DSC_4318 (Medium)

DSC_4333 (Medium)