Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christian’s first trip to the beach, proper

We have been to Mission Bay which is like a sidewalk along the sea, even though there is a good deal of sand it’s not really a proper beach, although a proper beach is relative.  Somewhere else, Mission Bay would be THE beach.  Not here.  Here’s what I call ‘the beach’.DSC_8186 We took a little bacon and we took some kids full of beans.DSC_8168 And that lasted about 10 miles until we got to a cafe.DSC_8182 A few cafes and playgrounds later we did make it to Omaha Beach.DSC_8189  Welcome to the beach, Miss Claire.DSC_8199 This beach is 80km from Auckland and, in my humble opinion beautiful.  So, it must have been crowded, eh?  Not too many people in this direction… DSC_8204 How about the other half of the beach…nope, no one there either.DSC_8211 And, the star of the trip?  No pictures, please.DSC_8207 Is God’s creation beautiful?DSC_8225

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