Friday, November 05, 2010

Best fish-n-chips eva…

Initially, I thought the fish&chips at the Pig-n-Whistle were champion.  The batter was nice and thick with a great dark beer flavor.  But then I went to The Grange in Hahei (When Dad Cook came for a visit and we were on our way to Cathedral Cove).  The presentation was over the top and everything came together perfectly.  However, on our last visit to Hahei and The Grange I was sorely disappointed.  (The picture below is my recent Grange experience – the magic of photography makes it look better than it was)DSC_6639 Things were not up to scratch and as I recall I think those f&c cost me ~$35!  I asked our waiter what happened and he said that he hadn’t been working there long but that the place was under relatively new management.  So, I visit Oz with my mate Walid and we stop in to one of the only pubs near our hostile in Adelaide – The Union.  It was a nice place, buzzing with the Friday after-work crowd.  Under ‘Pub Classics’ the first item was ‘Coopers Pale Ale Battered Garfish and Chips’.  For a measly $19, who could resist (Walid was paying)?  The presentation was nothing special, but the first bite surprised me - I may have even made some dramatic response.  It was absolutely delicious.  The batter was on the lighter side which really allowed this great fish to jump out at you.  I don’t know what Garfish is but I highly recommend it (at least at The Union).  So, in my 4 years of sampling real fish&chips the best I ever found was in Adelaide at The Union. 

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